Trade Builds America

From midwestern towns to coastal cities, trade helps build strong communities and drives American progress – creating jobs, fueling small business growth, and supplying hardworking families with everyday goods and services at affordable prices.

Tell Washington: Support American Trade

Trade touches every aspect of our lives

From the produce and clothes we import to the farm and high-tech products we sell in foreign markets, Americans depend on trade.

Americans thrive with trade

Free and open exchange – where Americans can buy and sell with others on mutually beneficial terms – drives the innovations and knowledge that create new technologies, which make all our lives better.

Support Trade


Since the end of World War II, America was an architect of trade liberalization, championing international organizations and reforms that greatly reduced tariffs worldwide. In response, global merchandise exports have risen from $54 billion in 1948 to almost $20 trillion in 2018. 

The U.S. has prospered as trade has expanded. Despite having less than 5 percent of the world’s population, our country produces almost a quarter of global output – U.S. GDP reached $20.5 trillion in 2018. Employment is at a record level of over 158 million and real value added by manufacturers – $2.16 trillion in 2018 – has never been larger. Engaging with the global economy has been very good for the United States and American workers.

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From rural farmers and small business manufacturers to national retailers and large corporations, trade builds America. Increasing the tariffs would mean higher costs for consumers, job losses for workers and catastrophic farm for small businesses. Read public comments from business owners across the United States on how these tariffs would harm them by clicking below.

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