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We have so much abundance in this country. Our food, clothing, electronics, decorations and gifts are often right at our fingertips and sold at prices we can afford.

Trade is the reason we can buy goods from all over the world at affordable prices.

We make many of our own products right here in the United States, but often they require imported ingredient materials. At other times, finished goods from other countries make more sense.

This helps illustrate how trade gives American consumers access to all the best products at the best prices and benefits those producing goods in the United States, too.

The Knife Source is a family-owned blade manufacturer in South Carolina. The business uses a special kind of steel produced only in Europe to manufacture their products.

Trade allows The Knife Source to import that steel and sell its products. Trade is essential to its production.

The bottom line is that trading between nations allows us to import goods from all over the world that we otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Fewer trade barriers take it a step further and allow us to buy virtually all products at lower prices.

That’s a win for everyone!

Let Congress know that trade helps make America strong!