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We elect our representatives and senators so they will bring our voices to Washington, and to provide oversight on some of the government’s most important policy areas.

One of those important policy areas is trade.

Did you know that 36 million American jobs depend on trade? Consumers depend on trade because it encourages competition and makes everyday products more affordable. Workers depend on trade for good-paying jobs.

The good news is that legislation is being introduced that will do just that. Considering trade is such an integral part of the American economy at every level, congressional lawmakers should be responsible for approving tariffs and other trade barriers before they can go into effect.

Bipartisan groups of senators and representatives have developed the Bicameral Congressional Trade Authority Act. That legislation would require the executive branch to obtain congressional approval to levy certain tariffs. The bill would also work retroactively and require Congress to vote on certain tariffs that have been imposed within the last four years.

Trade touches every aspect of our lives. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the products we sell in foreign markets — it all depends on trade.

Our elected officials should support legislation that would allow them to have oversight and accountability when it comes to trade barriers.

You can urge lawmakers to support the Bicameral Congressional Trade Authority Act by signing your name here!