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Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips met with National Review Editor Rich Lowry on the website’s The Editors podcast on March 8 to discuss trade and the toll tariffs have taken on American business.

“Ford Motor Co. ended up paying $1.1 billion last year [because of the tariffs] — more money for the steel and aluminum that goes in their cars and trucks,” said Tim Phillips.

Phillips noted that the tariffs hit workers hard, too.

“When you look at the cost in profit-sharing to factory workers, it amounted to about $750 to $1,000 per factory floor worker in lost profit-sharing,” Phillips noted.

Listen to the full interview with Phillips and Lowry here.

Tariffs are hefty taxes on American businesses, consumers and workers. They cause severe economic harm, often hurting the businesses they were intended to protect.

Americans don’t need tariffs — they need trade.

Tell Congress: Support trade. Americans depend on it.