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“If finished furniture products in particular are assessed a 10 or 25 percent tariff, we expect that members will dramatically reduce their product offerings and will be forced to raise their prices on finished goods well beyond the level of consumer acceptance. This naturally will lead to fewer sales. The impact of fewer sales for AHF A members will be felt beyond each member’s bottom line. Our members report that U.S. job losses are expected if 10 or 25 percent duties on furniture or furniture parts go into effect. These include jobs in U.S. furniture manufacturing, sales and distribution. As shown in Attachment I, there are over 2 million estimated total employees in the U.S. home furnishings value chain whose livelihoods are directly threatened by the proposed Section 301 duties. These are good-paying American jobs in furniture design and engineering, raw materials harvesting and preparation, production and assembly, distribution and retail.”