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“Finally, these products help increase U.S. commerce by complementing and completing Century, Everlast, and Vertical Lax product lines and allow them to offer a full range of products to our U.S. and global customers. Without these products, Century, Everlast, and Vertical Lax would not be able to provide the full range desired by our customers, and, as many customers desire the “one-stop shopping” that a full range supplier affords, the proposed tariff threatens their supply of U.S. manufactured product to these customers. In addition, U.S. commerce also benefits from these products because the administrative operations and research and development facilities are located in the U.S., thereby providing additional employment. The above-mentioned tariffs further threaten these jobs as these members will be forced to either absorb the increased costs caused by the tariffs and face cut-backs in additional investment, essential business activities such as research and development, and employment, or pass the extra costs to consumers.”