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“Should the tariff subheadings listed below not be removed from the Annex, twenty-six percent of Connection Chemical’s sales will be impacted by the proposed tariffs. Product we are able to source outside of China will be at a cost to the consumer. Approximately 35 percent of this 26 percent will be lost sales directly related to HTS Codes 2809.20.00 and 2835.39.50 as we will be at an economic disadvantage and will no longer be competitive in the U.S. Phosphoric and Polyphosphate market. As a result, our company will suffer a direct loss of 10 percent in sales and profits, slowing our historic year over year growth, impacting our strategic plan, and postponing the hiring of two additional employees… When including businesses that supply chemical distributors and those who depend on respending by direct and supplier firm employees, a total of nearly 2,500 lost jobs and $147.7 million in lost wages are at stake. The cost to the American economy in the chemical distribution industry could be nearly $453.6 million.”