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“Moreover, the harmful effects will not be limited to those who import under subheading 3806.99.00. Because modified rosins are intermediate materials incorporated into a wide assortment of other products, it can be expected that the price increases will be borne by manufacturers, retailers, and consumers of those products… As mentioned, Eastman’s polymerized and dimerized rosins are used to produce solders for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, which are used downstream in the production of numerous high-tech household electronic devices. Implementing the proposed tariffs would likely raise production costs both for vendors of solders and their downstream customers, which manufacture the high-tech products in which printed circuit boards are used. This would in turn deprive these manufacturers of resources that could be used for research and development of new technologies, consequentially stifling growth in this sector. Moreover, it would likely increase retail prices of existing electronic appliances that have become integrated into — and indispensable to — the personal and professional lives of U.S. consumers. These are just some of the products, along with others like paint, tape, tires, and floor tiles, for which consumers may be forced to pay higher prices. Many of these items are household necessities that average consumers cannot simply forego. Imposing tariffs to the detriment of U.S.” businesses, consumers, and domestic economic growth generally, and with little or no impact on China’s industrial policies, is indeed contrary to the objectives of USTR’s proposed action.”