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“Many of these products are already subject to a heavy duty. The proposed additional duty on these products would cost ECM millions of dollars in increased duties. For example, the proposed additional 10 or 25 percent duty applied to our products on list 3 will cost ECM over a half million dollars per year. These additional unexpected costs for our small business are layered on top of the detrimental impacts from the Section 301 tariffs already imposed on our products on lists 1 and 2 that total over $3 million. Overall, these Section 301 and 307 tariffs cripple ECM, forcing ECM to reduce its workforce in the U.S. to afford these tariffs… As of July 6, 2018, we have implemented a hiring freeze and are only replacing critical positions as a result of attrition. If all of the Section 301 and 307 tariffs remain, we will be forced to reduce our headcount by 50 to 60 people in order to offset the costs to our bottom line.”