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“Not only is it unjustifiable to impose additional duties on products manufactured by Gilbarco in China, but if this ‘remedy’ is imposed, it is likely to have negative unintended consequences, for at least four reasons: (1) the Company’s long-term investment in its wholly-owned subsidiaries in China will compel Gilbarco to continue sourcing products from China; (2) any losses incident to the increased duties will accrue in the United States, impacting U.S. profitability, investments, employees, and shareholders; (3) the increased costs (in the form of either 10% or 25% duties) may cause the Company to lose market share to competitors that do not manufacture in the United States; and (4) if Gilbarco is ultimately forced to restructure its sourcing of covered merchandise as a result of the increased duties, additional U.S. jobs will not result.”