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“[T]he tariffs would result in potential job loss in Kentucky and Tennessee, as HeathCo adjusts to the new market conditions… Because of the competitive nature of the market, HeathCo would have difficulty passing on the cost of tariffs to customers. Historically our retail customers have rejected price increases. In an extraordinary circumstance such as this — a change in market conditions — it is conceivable that some customers might be able to accept a 10-25 percent increase given that all suppliers would be experiencing the same cost increase. That said, the majority of the 10-25 percent increase in price, should that be possible, would most likely be passed on to the end consumer. For the majority of our end consumers, these products are a necessity for which they expect to pay the lowest price possible. A tariff on these imported goods would act as a direct consumption tax— raising the price on products for consumers that cannot afford a price hike.”