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“Second, imposing a ten percent (10%) or twenty-five percent (25%) tariff on the products imported under these tariff lines would have a negative effect on both American jobs and Inno-Pak, LLC’s investments in the United States. Inno-Pak, LLC has entered term and price fixed supply contracts with many of its customers. Accordingly, Inno-Pak, LLC has agreed to supply a certain number of products, at a set price, for a set number of months or years. With tight profit margins, imposing an unforeseen ten or twenty-five percent tariff on these products would convert Inno-Pak, LLC’s supply contracts from being profitable to being unprofitable because Inno-Pak, LLC would be forced to sell products at a loss. Furthermore, 60-70% of Inno-Pak, LLC’s annual revenue is generated by sales of products that are imported under these tariff lines and, therefore, the proposed tariff would adversely affect a majority of not only Inno-Pak, LLC’s annual revenue but its annual profit. Consequently, the proposed tariffs would jeopardize Inno-pak, LLC’s ability to maintain its labor force at current levels…”