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“The overall negative impact on Keeco’s business operation is summarized as follows: 1. Keeco would be unable to pass along the additional costs to its customers. 2. The added expense of the proposed 301 sanctions would impede the growth of our company. 3. The massive capital investments we have made would need to be sheltered or sold and we would need to reduce our labor force by nearly half to mitigate the increase in additional duties caused by the sanctions. 4. Develop of new materials/designs and products would be greatly inhibited as we currently have an extensive development platform in China. 5. Since we are vertically integrated with our Chinese supplier, it would be difficult to find a factory outside of China that would be able to provide us with the streamlined processes that we have had in place. The time and expense to relocate would be cost prohibitive and time consuming. We have enjoyed a long relationship with our Chinese factory and built our business from this model.”