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“Our business has done the best we can to manage despite the increased costs resulting from the Section 232 tariffs. However, adding additional tariffs on HTSUS would result in catastrophic hardship for our business. Section 301 tariffs applied to HTSUS 8414.80.1685 will impose significant additional costs – in addition to the additional to the costs we are already absorbing due to the Section 232 tariffs. I truly believe that I will lose the business I have worked years to create should these tariffs apply to HTSUS 8414.801695. My customers, 97% of whom are in the United States, will not accept increased costs. In addition, several of the jobs we’ve added were filled in the past year. We added these new employees because we were optimistic about the business climate, the reduction in regulation, and the overall improving economic outlooks. The current trade policies, particularly these tariffs, has changed our business prospects, and regrettably, I expect to eliminate these positions.”