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“To the extent that the Company incurs significantly increased costs as a result of the Section 301 duties, the impact will be felt by the Company’s U.S. operations. In turn, that is likely to have an adverse impact on the Company’s future U.S. operations, growth and investment, which includes 4,000 U.S. employees and production facilities in more than six U.S. states. Whether USTR implements the proposed duties at an ad valorem rate of 10% or 25%, it will be economically infeasible for the Company to import the covered merchandise without raising prices for U.S. customers to help offset the cost. As such, the additional duties will essentially be a significant tax on a U.S. consumers and U.S. businesses in the food and related industries. To the extent the Company is not able to fully pass on this price increase to its customers, it may need to develop cost reduction plans and reduce investment to mitigate the impact of the additional duties.”