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“Rather, it will lead to lost jobs here at home and significantly increased prices to consumers (assuming that we could continue to make our products elsewhere at a competitive price)… The Administration’s efforts to require fair and nondiscriminatory postal rates for shipments from China and other countries, as well as requiring marketplaces to actively police third party listings for intellectual property infringers and negotiating for universal trademark and patent rules to be applied in China, would do more to address the intellectual property challenges facing Nite Ize (and similar United States businesses that import products under the subheadings listed in this response) than any proposed additional tariffs, without the negative effects to job creation and maintenance, product innovation, and consumer prices here at home. If enacted, rather than stifle intellectual property infringement and technology transfer, the proposed tariffs could easily create the reverse effect – driving Nite Ize and similar companies out of business, allowing the Chinese infringers unfettered access to United States consumers.”