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“Specifically, our members design and distribute duffle bags, travel bags, sports bags, and sports backpacks of man-made fibers as defined under HTS 4202.92.31 which is included in the proposed list. A 25 percent tariff on these products will adversely impact our members by raising prices and requiring companies to either build new factories or search for alternative production sources. And, even more notably, as explained above, the tariff will directly affect consumers who will experience higher prices and supply shortages. Above all, these tariffs will undoubtedly and immediately raise prices for customers who rely on modestly-priced sporting goods in order to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle… In addition, U.S. commerce also benefits from these products because the administrative operations and research and development facilities are located in the U.S., thereby providing additional employment. The above-mentioned tariffs further threaten these jobs as our members will be forced to either absorb the increased costs caused by the tariffs and face cutbacks in additional investment, essential business activities such as research and development, and employment, or pass the extra costs to consumers.”