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“Imposing duties on these three tariff lines will increase our cost of goods, and in order to maintain our profitability we will pass on these increased costs to our customers. Upholstered furniture accounts for roughly 20-30 percent of our merchandise sales, and nearly every upholstery item we sell would see some price increase because of the proposed tariffs. For example, one of our best-selling reclining sofas, which is imported from China, retails at $749.95. We anticipate that a 25 percent tariff would lead to a retail price increase of $150. Even a 10 percent tariff would result in a retail price increase of $75. Similarly, one of our most popular stationary sofas, which is manufactured in the southern United States using a kit imported from China, retails at $549.95. We estimate a 25 percent tariff on the kit would increase the retail price on this item by about $25.”