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“Shakespeare respectfully requests the removal of the 8-digit HTS 2917.13.00 and 8467.99.01 subheadings from the proposed Annex for 10 to 25% tariffs. Each of these HTS subheadings cover basic goods for consumers designed for lawn care and used by everyday Americans as well as small business owners and even city maintenance departments. Healthy lawns and public grassy areas benefit the entire country by contributing to cleaner air and water, noise reduction, providing cooler temperatures than hard surfaces, increasing property values and allowing citizens places to relax and recreate – which in turn strengthens social connections within a community and improves both physical and mental health of citizens. Taxing products that can provide all of these benefits would be a detriment to our entire country. These proposed tariffs will have little to no impact on China. The tariffs will only hurt Americans in more ways than simply increasing costs of goods.”