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“As stated above, increased tariffs will result in increased costs for SmartDrive’s products, and the Company may have no choice but to pass these costs on to its customer… The proposed tariffs will likely place SmartDrive products out of reach for many potential customers in the commercial transportation industry, leading to all manner of unintended harm, including but not limited to: harm to existing and future SmartDrive employees through threatened profitability; harm to American trucking companies and the drivers they employ through reduced access to crash-prevention technology, and; harm to the American motorist through reduced implementation of the SmartDrive system across the country. As stated above, if the proposed tariffs move forward, the result is simple – SmartDrive and its U.S. employees lose; SmartDrive’s American clients in the trucking and commercial transportation industry lose; and the many millions of Americans using our nation’s highways and roads each day lose.”