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“For example, if the Administration imposes tariffs on control boards that Whirlpool uses to make one of its industry-leading dishwashers in Findlay, Ohio, the price of those control boards will inevitably go up, increasing Whirlpool’s cost of production. Conversely, Whirlpool’s foreign competitors, who make dishwashers in low-cost export platforms, will not face similar price pressure because the components they use — assembled by foreign workers in another country — are not subject to tariff. Instead, they enter the United States free of Section 301 tariffs as part of the finished dishwasher. Whirlpool applauds the Administration’s decision to add finished home appliances to proposed List 3. Imposing tariffs on these finished appliances will allow the Administration to meet its Section 301 objectives without damaging U.S. appliance manufacturers and the tens of thousands of workers they employ”